Birds Rangoli Designs With Dots For 2019

Bird Rangoli is an art of drawing creative patterns on the floor with rice flour, synthetic colour. It is made to decorate the house occasionally. Also, used in spiritual functions etc. however, the rangoli made in these occasions are curbed pattern with dots, circular, and square in shape. Some people draw bird rangoli with dots. Here… Read More »

Animal rangoli for the latest trend in design for 2019

animal rangoli: Rangoli is the best creative art and collection of patterns made on the festivals and special occasions. It is an ancient art in which different shapes are made like flower, leafs, animals, circle, peacock etc. At that time, animal rangoli was made because it was the live proof of living being. People used to draw… Read More »

Top 50 Tamil New Year Kolam 2019

Tamil New Year Kolam 2019 : The Tamil New Year signifies to bid farewell to the previous year and welcomes the coming year. Traditionally, the New Year is celebrated on the March of every year as per Hindu calendar. However, the whole world celebrates this day on 1st of January with the growth of foreign… Read More »

Latest Kolam Rangoli Design for Tamil New Year 2019

 Rangoli Design for Tamil New Year 2019 : New Year celebration in Indian is always a fun and people welcome New Year with great zeal. Some people prefer traveling to new place, clean their house, and make a resolution for the whole year. New Year means welcoming new thing leaving behind all the negative and… Read More »

Diwali Rangoli Pattern and Design

Diwali Rangoli Pattern and Design : We only knew Diwali is a festival of light but no one ever told that it is festival of cleanliness of the house, decoration of the house, the welcome of God and Goddess in-house, and making rangoli at the entrance of the door. It is a most awaited festival… Read More »

Happy New Year 2019 Rangoli Design Images

As per Gregorian Calendar, Happy New year is celebrated as national festival all over the world. The excitement of celebration begins one month ago in December. Some people plan to go on a trip in a different country and some people plan for the party. This is the modern approach of the celebration of New… Read More »

Tamil New Year 2019 Rangoli Kolam Designs

Tamil Nadu is famous for rangoli making because this art demands more than just a contrasting color, cutouts, and clarity. The mantra for making Tamil New Year 2019 rangoli kolam is creativity. The multi-hued pattern with creative design always wins the heart and brings happiness. Moreover, rangoli shares the remarkable similarity to the mehndi design in… Read More »

Tamil New Year rangoli Kolam Designs 2019

Our vibrant culture and tradition denote the variety of colors used in different states. These tradition and culture have inspired a Rangoli a lot. It is a reflection of our surrounding. Moreover, women try to make it on the floor of the house to give it real face. As per Hindus, they make rangoli design… Read More »

New Year Rangoli Design 2019

New Year Rangoli Design 2019: Rangoli is one of the old traditions followed across the country with different names on special occasions like Diwali, New Year, Pongal, holy and much more. Now the New Year is around the corner, and people are waiting to celebrate it with amazing and wonderful plans with their friends and… Read More »

Amazing Diwali rangoli designs for 2019 with colour decorations

Diwali rangoli designs: Diwali is one of the famous and oldest festivals celebrated every year in India. It is observed to bring the prosperity to the home and surroundings. On the other side, the celebration will be made with burst crackers and decorate house with lights. In the name of celebration and welcoming the friends… Read More »