Rangoli designs for competitions

Rangoli designs for competitions : If we go back to the traditional aspects, it can be seen that rangolis is a term derived from the Sanskrit word “rangavalli’. Indeed this is a kind of art that proceeds with managing great designs like that of sculpture and painting. Slowly with time, it became the part of… Read More »

Easy Rangoli designs for Diwali 2017

Easy Rangoli designs for Diwali 2017 : Our country has unity in diversity not only culture, languages, costumes, eating habits and religious faith, one thing which you commonly find across India, is beautiful, colorful and innovative messages written on doorsteps of houses as well as worship places in India, known as Rangoli for every occasion.… Read More »

Rangoli designs with flowers and having traditional themes

Rangoli designs with flowers and having traditional themes : Whenever or where ever you travel across India, one thing is must to see is a unique and colorful design set across the door ways of homes. These designs are more colorful and are set with best floral and theme based designs inside the homes during… Read More »

Margali/ margazhi kolam designs 2017

margazhi kolam : We all know kolam is associated with our tradition and festival from the ancient days. The art was followed from the ancestors for years now without any changes. Kolams are drawn in front of the home, temple or for an occasion. Kolams are mostly drawn by the female; they take this as… Read More »

Simple Rangoli designs for beginners

Simple Rangoli designs for beginners: Rangoli is a part of our tradition. People from India always have a strong connection with the rangoli. For every occasion and festivals, we used to decorate our home and our surrounding places by the rangoli. Simple Rangoli designs for beginners It’s hard to explain the context between Rangoli and… Read More »

Simple rangoli designs with dots

Simple rangoli designs with dots: When comes to every tradition activities, people will always show their interest towards rangoli. It is the one which always attracts the people in terms of welcoming grandly. In Rangoli, there are different numbers of designs available for the people to progress. Especially in south India, it is the tradition… Read More »

25 Beautiful Kolam Designs and Rangoli Kolams for your Inspiration

Kolam Designs and Rangoli Kolams: Indians love colors, and it’s natural to show the love for colors in many ways. Indian Rangoli is a unique artwork which is practiced throughout India. All houses are adorned with this beautiful kolam, kolam designs, rangoli kolams during special occasions like festivals, marriage, etc. There are many rangoli or… Read More »

Tamil new year 2017 kolam collections, Tamil puthandu kolangal

Tamil New Year kolam designs : We all know that the celebration will have a grand occasion in the name of festivals. We could see lots of festival kolams during the time of occasion. Especially, you will see a different number of kolam designs for every festival in Tamilnadu. It is the culture that follows for… Read More »

Tamil New Year 2017 Kolam Designs

Tamil New Year 2017 Kolam Designs: In India, free hand rangolis are very famous. But Tamil Nadu is popular for Pulli kolam. Pulli Kolam means rangolis with dots. There are two types of rangolis with dots in Tamil Nadu. They are ner Pulli Kolam and idukku Pulli kolam. For all the festivals in Tamil Nadu,… Read More »

Top 50 Rangoli Designs with Dots

Simplicity is the thing that never goes out of fashion, in that way Rangoli designs with dots looks very geometric drawn together to frame the entrance to your home. There are many Rangoli designs which keep on developing in a beautiful way. It can be started by creating the wireframe or by setting up the… Read More »