Flower Rangoli design collection for 2018

Flower Rangoli: Rangoli word is derived from Sanskrit word rangavalli. It fails the painting and sculpture and other modern art. It is auspicious and necessity of every ritual in India because people may have changed their clothing and become modern and adopts a different look. However, traditions is tradition, no one can replace it. Like… Read More »

Flower Kolam Design- an essence of every decoration

Flower Kolam Design : Most of the times we decorate house using natural flowers leaves, lights, and other craft work. We do these things on special occasions like pooja, marriage, festival or simple home function. Between this celebration and function, there is an only common thing and that is flower kolam design. Here is simple… Read More »

Diwali Rangoli for every Indian house

From ancient Hindu mythology, the art of rangoli has gained huge momentum and it is still followed today. Making rangoli wards off all the evil spirits from the spiritual places and houses and it is the reason people make rangoli at their house. In a similar way, Diwali is also a spiritual festival of Hindu… Read More »

Diwali Kolam Design – a colourful in celebration

Diwali kolam design : Not only in India but also in foreign countries, Diwali in the most celebrated festival and also known as the festival of light. People celebrate it with much enthusiasm even it falls every year. They prepare for Diwali 1 week ago by cleaning the house, decorating it with light, making Diwali kolam… Read More »

Deepam kolam design 2018 for latest decorations

Deepam kolam designs : This is a festival celebrated in the month of October every year. It means, in 2018 it is going to fall again. In the festival, lights are lit at every corner of the house, especially at the entrances of the house and deepam kolam designs are made. Now, in this 2018 year, many… Read More »

Best Birds Kolam designs 2018

Rangoli design is famous in all over India but if you walk through the Tamil Nadu streets, you can see the best bird kolam designs in all houses. It is the only identical feature in every house. Every year, people make rangoli for different occasions to decorate their house and to gain the blessing of God.… Read More »

Birds Rangoli Designs With Dots For 2018

Bird Rangoli is an art of drawing creative patterns on the floor with rice flour, synthetic colour. It is made to decorate the house occasionally. Also, used in spiritual functions etc. however, the rangoli made in these occasions are curbed pattern with dots, circular, and square in shape. Some people draw bird rangoli with dots. Here… Read More »

Animal rangoli for the latest trend in design for 2018

animal rangoli: Rangoli is the best creative art and collection of patterns made on the festivals and special occasions. It is an ancient art in which different shapes are made like flower, leafs, animals, circle, peacock etc. At that time, animal rangoli was made because it was the live proof of living being. People used to draw… Read More »

Top 50 Tamil New Year Kolam 2018

Tamil New Year Kolam 2018 : The Tamil New Year signifies to bid farewell to the previous year and welcomes the coming year. Traditionally, the New Year is celebrated on the March of every year as per Hindu calendar. However, the whole world celebrates this day on 1st of January with the growth of foreign… Read More »

Latest Kolam Rangoli Design for Tamil New Year 2018

 Rangoli Design for Tamil New Year 2018 : New Year celebration in Indian is always a fun and people welcome New Year with great zeal. Some people prefer traveling to new place, clean their house, and make a resolution for the whole year. New Year means welcoming new thing leaving behind all the negative and… Read More »